ARC Foundation



**** प्रसन्ननिलयम्   ***   প্রসন্ননিলয়ম   ***   प्रसन्ननिलयम  *****


( Arc Foundation Commons Benevolent Trust )




"Prasannanilayam" is the activity platform, family, business group, public identity profile, brand name & trademark  created,  managed, operated & controlled exclusively for and by "ARC FOUNDATION", (Arc Foundation Commons Benevolent Trust), a registered non-political and non-profitable public charitable institution, constituted and established in order to devote, progress and work for charitable & noble cause for the welfare of people in general with the aims & objects of :

 a)  Promotion, cultivation and advancement of Indian heritage and culture;

 b)  Promotion, development and advancement of knowledge, education & research studies;

 c)  Promotion, development and advancement of social & community welfare, and activities

      related to better environment;

 d)  Promotion, development and advancement of individualistic self consciousness and inter-

      personal human development; 

 e)  Promotion, development and advancement of such other activity/ activities for the benefit

      of general public at large and general public utility.

We request valuable supports from all concerned, and invite people to join & support us, and strengthen this initiative to create a mark in service to the mankind...


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-  An Inspirational Journey of Transformation from Usual to Useful Life  -

(  प्राकृत से अनन्तता में रूपान्तरण  )