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Rishi Aurobindo

Centre for Heritage and Cultural Development

(A Unit of Prasannanilayam, ARC FOUNDATION)

Hon'ble Chairman : Sh. Bhabatosh Bhattacharya

Organization & Group President : Sm. N. Rashid

-- Associate Director & Head of Mission (CHCD) : Sh. Pravin Kumar Mishra --

Origin :

The Centre for Heritage and Cultural Development is a Unit set out for the promotion and subsistence of Indian tradition, heritage and inherent culture. It is a non-political and non-profitable Charitable Centre founded & established by "Prasannanilayam" (Arc Foundation Commons Benevolent Trust).

Core Objectives :

To promote and subsist Indian heritage and culture in the individuals and society;

To improve integrity among the individuals towards Indian heritage and culture;

To organize and form a societal consonance by working with people and contribute for the promotion and subsistence of Indian heritage and culture.

Dedicated discrete wing - For Indian Musical Heritage & Culture :

Sangeetsaraswati Maa Annapurna Dev"Sangeet Upasana Mancha": It is a wing & project established under the jurisdiction of this Centre with the aim to dedicate in order to culture, cultivate, nourish, preserve, practice, and propagate the blissful heritage of Indian traditional music beginning from Shastriya Sangeet to such other branches of Indian traditional music. The wing is also assigned to arrange, conduct and organise  musical sittings & programmes, including some cultural events in the City of Durgapur, namely, 'Durgapur Music Conference' [दूर्गापुर संगीत समारोह] (dedicated in the name of Swami Haridas) for the promotion and preservation of Indian classical music primarily; and 'Durgapur Festival of Culture' [दूर्गापुर संगीत उत्सव], (dedicated in the name of Sadhvi Meerabai) for Indian cultural & other noble forms of Indian traditional music & art etc. Although as per the Memorandum and the Rules, the wing too is a non-profitable and non-political concern, the activity of the wing is also purely non-commercial and non-professional in nature, having no expectation even of earning individual name or fame etc.; this is invariably an unconditional ensemble of music lovers & devotees for the promotion and  preservation of the traditional & divine musical culture of this holy land. 

Area of Operation :

The Centre is set up to serve for Indian heritage and culture and is not limited to any political boundary.

Rishi Aurobindo


Sh. Pravin Kumar Mishra

"Arise, transcend thyself. Thou art man and the whole nature of man is to become more than himself" – Rishi Aurobindo