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Maharshi Vachaspati

Centre for Transcendence and Philosophical Development

(A Unit of Prasannanilayam, ARC FOUNDATION)

Hon'ble Chairman : Sh. Bhabatosh Bhattacharya

Organization & Group President : Sm. N. Rashid

-- Associate Director ( I / C ) & Head of Mission (CTPD) : Sh. Bhabatosh Bhattacharya --

Origin :

The Centre for Transcendence and Philosophical Development is a Unit set out for the subsistance and promotion of self consciousness and interpersonal human development. It is a non-political and non-profitable Charitable Centre founded & established by "Prasannanilayam" (Arc Foundation Commons Benevolent Trust).

Core Objectives :

To promote self consciousness and interpersonal development among individuals;

To promote societal integrity  by promotion of Indian philosophical movement;

To organize and form a societal consonance by working with people and contribute for the promotion of Indian philosophical and interpersonal human development.

Dedicated discrete wing - For Ancient Philosophy of India :

Sanatana "Adhyatma Udbhavan Mancha" : It is a wing and project established under the jurisdiction of this Centre dedicated for the exploration and observance of ancient & traditional sacred philosophy of India.

Area of Operation :

The Centre is set up to serve for promotion of integrity and personal development and is not limited to any political boundary. 

Maharshi Vachaspati


Sh. Bhabatosh Bhattacharya

" Even as people engage in actions to relieve desires, so also the Unmanifest engages in
activity for the emancipation of the Spirit
 " Maharshi Vacaspati